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What’s a personal stylist know about social media? Quite a lot, actually.  And my approach is much different than most social media people.

The goal of social media is to make you more money. To get you more sales. And the way to do that is by quit selling to your prospects.

Effective social media humanizes your story. I create and tell stories that make people want to buy from you and stick with you for years to come. By bringing the art & science of social media together, your social media content will graduate from the “my company is so great” approach to the “here is the benefit of working with my company” approach.

Engagement is what matters. Having a unique business brand and content strategy that is the Simple Truth told in an interesting way will cut through the competitive noise and win the day.

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  • Being able to turn over my social media needs to somebody else has freed up my time to focus on other aspects of my business. Melissa handles it all. I don’t have to worry and her ideas are top notch.    

    MeghanDripping Springs, TX
  • Melissa’s social content has a made a direct impact on my business.  My industry is not that sexy and she finds a way to create content that people resonate with.

    JoannaAustin, TX
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